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Green Roofs, bring nature to your life…

Green Roof Definition

Green roof system involves the creation of green space on top of a building structure. Green roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with plants. The system offers an easy way for beautifying the built environment and provides ecosystem services in urban areas.

Why have a Green Roof?

“Green roofs perform important environmental functions…”
  • Creating alternative habitats for plants or small creatures, contributes to the ecological balance
  • Neglected space could be turned into useful and peaceful areas.
  • Green roof systems are economical
  • Saving energy, reduce energy costs with natural insulation
  • Green roofs last longer than conventional roofs by protecting roof from UV rays, extreme hot and cold weather and mechanical damage.
  • Buildings could gain an aesthetic appearance
  • Creating peaceful retreats for people and animals, affects human psychology positively.
  • By virtue of plant layer, the building surface is kept cool in summer and warm in winter. More particularly, Green roofs would help mitigate heat effect.
  • Sunlight cannot reach the membrane beneath a green roof.

Green Roof Components ( Layers of a Green Roof )


Resistant to plant roots, SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) in doped, spunbond polyester felt carrier, elastic waterproofing membrane which coated on both sides with polyethylene film..

Thermal Insulation

XPS heat insulation boards made ​​from polystyrene foam.

Protection Layer

The separating layer which is particularly advantageous against mechanical loads, resistant to tears and consisting of a combination of PP-knit Fleece-foil 3-storey roof covers.

Root Barrier

The root holder layer which is polystyrene, resistant to oil and bitumen, anti-slip layer suitable for heavy loads.

Drainage System

Allows the amount of excess water could be removed rapidly,and also prevents water accumulation on the flat roofs and long drain extent.

Filter Sheet

It is a textile product which is combined of Polyester (PES) and / or polypropylene (PP)  fiber that is combined by needling methods. Preventing small parts in a layer of soil getting to the substrate, contributes to efficient drainage.

Growing Media

It has a dense single layered sheet, high water retention capacity and is capable of draining.

Plants Layer