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Green Roofs, bring nature to your life…

About Us

Armada Groupe® which considers the protection of nature for the benefit of both the natural environment and humans, takes responsibility for increasing public awareness about environmental policy and energy efficiency.

Environmental protection is influenced by various factors. Our company that produces the recyclable and eco-friendly products, has been involved in environmentally friendly and sustainable projects.

Today, due to increasing of industrialization, the new brand Armroof® Green aimed to provide the environmental and ecological benefits of green roofs and living walls. Roof Gardens or also known as “Green Roofs” which the building projects can earn points in order to get Leed Certificate, have been applying in Turkey for the first time under the brand of Armroof® Green.

Armroof® Green which is a trademark of Armada Groupe® specializes in Green Roofs and Living Walls, has a distributorship agreement with Sempergreen. Our company has been taking a part important projects all around the world by using Sempergreen Sedum tray and Flexi Panels.